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Marissa Mitchell



Primary Study at Cs Conservatory:

Trumpet and Voice

Time of Study at CS Conservatory:

This will be my fourth year. 🙂

As You Reflect on Your Time at the Cs Conservatory, Can You Share Those Elements or Experiences of Participation That Have Had the Most Impact on You Artistically:

Before I came to the Conservatory, I thought jazz was just jazzy-sounding sheet music. I never knew it was about improvisation, jamming out, and teamwork.

I remember how scared I was the first time I took a solo because jazz was a brand new thing to me, but looking back I see how far I’ve come.

Without the Conservatory, I wouldn’t appreciate jazz music like I do today.

…And Personally:

Through the Conservatory, I have participated in more gigs and performance opportunities than I ever imagined, especially this summer.

Private lessons are great to have because they allow you to get better at your instrument, but performing experience is the most valuable thing to have as a musician.

Sometimes people ask me, “Weren’t you scared performing in front of all those people?” I respond with, “No, I don’t really get scared anymore. I guess I’ve just done it so much.”

I used to be incredibly shy when it came to standing in front of people. The thought of me performing in front of an audience without having a nervous breakdown was some impossible dream.

Now, my dream has become my reality and that’s because of the Conservatory.

How Has the Conservatory Impacted Your Relationships? What Role Has the Conservatory Played in Your Developing Those Relationships? (Mentors, Community, Friends)

I present myself more confidently to people and socialize more with people I’ve never met before.

I have found that making connections with as many people as you can is really important because you never know who you’re going to need for a recommendation, a backup drummer, a choreographer, or a producer down the road.

I also found that the more you love yourself, the more you can love others.

How Do You Perceive Time and Productivity?

I have just entered my senior year in high school and up until now, I had never really understood the phrase “Time flies.”

I try to push myself everyday to truly live in each moment I am given.

As far as productivity goes, I have a bad habit of procrastinating, but being a student at CSC, I know that the longer you work on something, the better it will get.

What Role Has Being at the Conservatory Played in Your Understanding of Time?

The Conservatory has taught me the meaning of productivity, but most importantly I have learned that our time on this planet should be enjoyed.

Because of the Conservatory, I find myself spending time writing songs, listening to music, playing music, singing, and dancing more than ever before.

What Is Your Fondest Memory of Your Time at the Conservatory?

The gigs this past summer were some of the best times I had. I got to perform about 11 and a half hours per week in public spaces. It not only benefited the community but me as a performer.

I also got to become closer to some of my CSC friends and my amazing mentor David Musante! I had such a blast!

What Is the Most Important Life Lesson You Would Share With a New Student at the Conservatory of Similar Age?

At first, you might feel intimidated by all the talent surrounding you and that’s fine if you do at first, but you shouldn’t. Soon you will learn that the people here are some of the best people you will ever meet.

Cherish every moment you have and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, even if it takes you outside of your comfort zone.

Anything You Would Like to Add (Insights, Reflections, Etc)?

The Conservatory has made the biggest impact on my life and I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. It just feels like a big family.

I feel like I belong there and I am my best self there. I have so much love in my heart for every member of the Conservatory family and how much they’ve supported me on my journey.

This is my last year as a student and I am going to miss it more than words can say, but I know that once you become part of the CSC family, you never truly leave. Here’s to another great year at my favorite place to be!