Brigitte Benson, an 18 year old student at the Conservatory spent some time sharing her thoughts, experiences, and lessons learned during her time at CSC.

Brigitte Benson


Brigitte Benson



Primary study at CS Conservatory:

Trumpet and vocal jazz performance

Time of study at CS Conservatory:

7 years

As you reflect on your time at the CS Conservatory, can you share those elements or experiences of participation that have had the most impact on you artistically:

Singer/songwriter class taught by Lewis!

The ability to write and express anything I’m feeling and channel that into a creative energy is crucial.

I have grown significantly in my artistry and passion for creation through writing music.

….And personally:

My first ever performance.

It was a Friday recital and I had never sang in front of people before. I ran off the “stage” sobbing and hid in Linda’s office.

She made me get back out and finish my song with tears in my eyes AND she called the older kids to interpretive dance to my soggy version of “Colors of the Wind.”

Changed. Me. Forever.

How has the Conservatory impacted your relationships what role has the conservatory played in your developing those relationships? (mentors, community, friends)?

I have the ability to walk up to anyone and shake their hand, look them directly in the eye, and tackle whatever it is I need to.

I feel confident and sure of myself – even in incredible awkward and challenging situations.

I’ve also made some of my very best friends at the conservatory. I can wear whatever, act my quirky self, and remain loved and untouched by judgment.

How do you perceive time and productivity?

“Better busy than bored.”

I am my most productive when I have so much going on. I prioritize my most important tasks and am able to give 100% to more than just one thing that way.

What role has being at the Conservatory played in your understanding of time?

That life is fleeting. Time moves so quickly, especially when you are constantly trying new things and experimenting creatively.

It’s taught me to take big chances and as Linda would put it “make big fat hairy mistakes,” and learn from them!

What is your fondest memory of your time at the Conservatory?

Jazz nites! I have been participating in Jazz Nite for six years! It’s the best experience and such an incredible opportunity.

What is the most important life lesson you would share with a new student at the Conservatory of similar age?

To smile and say hello! Through music or actions, community helps everyone tackle life’s hurdles.

Anything you would like to add (insights, reflections, etc)?

I am incredibly grateful for my time at the Conservatory. I have truly grown up there and feel lucky to have had the support I’ve had.

Over the past seven years I have honestly learned how to paint with all the colors of the wind!

Love to all!! Thank you!