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The Colorado Springs Conservatory Affords Students Creative Arts Immersion Studies During COVID Through Various Platforms

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Fall Semester begins August 17, Open House August 8 and announcing a unique ‘Gap Year’ program for recent high school seniors who are looking for ongoing studies while staying at home this season.

The Colorado Springs Conservatory continues to be a vital part of the lives of young people from across the state. Delivering on site, virtual, live streaming, mobile and televised programming in the arts to include such specialized areas as private lessons for all instrumental and vocal, recording arts, music theory, composition and singer songwriter and theater studies – the Conservatory leadership, team and mentors are committed to the Mission of the CSC even during these unchartered times.

The Conservatory has been able to be nimble and diverse in its delivery since March when the COVID virus determined what was going to be possible for students to continue to learn. Obliging all CDC compliance to ensure student, family and team safety, CSC mentors sprung to action to serve students from across the region.

Fall Semester Begins August 17 for All Students and Programs

From Birth through 18, Community, Special Needs and Education Partners

The Mission of the Conservatory is to inspire, motivate and challenge student’s to aspire to their highest potential through arts immersion studies and community arts advocacy. In no time in it’s 27 year history has the CSC team and leadership risen to such a level of commitment than since March of this year to continue to deliver on this Mission. Suffice it to say, that the Fall Semester will be more offerings than ever through all platforms; on site, virtual, live streaming, mobile and televised. Families are able to work alongside the CSC team to decide which is best for their comfort level during this time of uncertainty. “The CSC has been committed to ensuring safety of all, working alongside CO state and El Paso County recommendations,” says Linda Weise, Founding CEO. “If a student would like to study on site, we can assure that family, that all is in place for the sake of a healthy and safe learning experience.”
If a student would rather stay at home, virtual and live streaming options are available. Program offerings include the award winning CORE programming, Early Childhood Programs and A Positive Note music program for young adults with special needs. The CSC continues to serve its’ education Partners in School Distrcts across the region. The Conservatory is a founding school for the Royals Conservatory curriculum in additional to various national arts affiliations.

Unique Gap Year Program in Collaboration With Oberlin Conservatory

Dr. Adam Haas, CSC Lead Music Mentor is joined by Thomas Wilson and Dr. Andrew Friedrichs and is pleased to announce a unique ‘gap year’ program for those high school students that are deciding to stay at home this year. This program will be offered in conjunction with OBERLIN CONSERVATORY, in Oberlin, Ohio.

“We are pleased to welcome CSC students to join PACE 103: Community Music Engagement in the Schools remotely beginning September 1st . Students will work together to think creatively about serving our school communities in ways that support their existing music curricula. CSC and Oberlin students will have the opportunity to collaborate online to design community music engagement opportunities. Furthermore, we welcome the opportunity to offer possible chamber music coachings and/or private coachings to CSC students, as Oberlin Conservatory students pursue pedagogy courses and “Winter Term” projects (in May 2021). We are excited to welcome aboard CSC students!” says Jody L. Kerchner, Ph.D.
Professor of Music Education and Director, Pedagogy/Advocacy/Community Engagement (PACE) Division, Oberlin College/Conservatory of Music.

“This is an exciting and unique moment for students to collaborate and learn across state lines in ways that will affect not only their lives, but lives of school children in both states,” says Dr. Adam Haas.

In addition to a rigorous program of classes delivered in coordination with the Royal Conservatory, students in this program will engage in a community ‘project’. Numerous performance opportunities are part of this program as well.

Students participating in this Gap Year Program will receive certificate of participation from Oberlin Conservatory, certificate of completion from Royal Conservatory in addition to actual college credits through specific partner portals.

Click here for more information about the Open House on Saturday, August 8, Fall Semester or the Gap Year program or call 719-577-4556 to schedule a tour and private information session.