Conservatory Student Mason Brazel Selected as KCME Young Artist of the Month

By April 21, 2022No Comments
A big CONGRATS to our student, Mason Brazel, who was chosen as KCME Classical Music Radio‘s Young Artist of the Month! Here is what Mason shared with KCME:
My name is Mason Brazel. I am a homeschool student living in northern Colorado Springs. I have been playing piano for about 11 years. I most enjoy the style of classical music. When I was younger my parents would play classical music for me in the evenings so I find it soothing. I like playing piano because I can challenge myself to learn new pieces.
The Colorado Springs Conservatory has helped me in many aspects of playing the piano as well as music in general. My teachers there help me set goals as well as help me achieve the goals. Their guidance and support has offered me opportunities to share my skills with the community.
My teachers inspire me, but I play piano to honor my dad. My dad was in the Army and died when I was 8 years old. When my dad was here he never missed an opportunity to hear me play piano. I think I push myself to be the best pianist I can be because he loved that I played piano. Honoring my dad and the guidance from my teachers helped me to achieve the top pianist in Colorado for my level in The Royal Conservatory.
Congratulations, Mason! We are SO proud of you!