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Emma Phillips



Primary Study At Cs Conservatory:


Time Of Study At Cs Conservatory:

9 years

As You Reflect On Your Time At The Cs Conservatory, Can You Share Those Elements Or Experiences Of Participation That Have Had The Most Impact On You Artistically:

Reflecting on my Conservatory experience, I find my time with the jazz combo has very strongly reflected my artistry and who I am as a musician.

Before joining the jazz ensemble, I was pretty timid and self-conscious of my playing abilities, and I was unaware of how to grow as a musician.

I was still pretty shy, and I was really scared to try new things, especially something like trying a whole new genre with a student group, so joining the jazz combo was a really big step for me when I turned 13 years old.

In the jazz combo, I have learned from both past and present students, new ideas and new ways to think about my artistry and musicianship.

Other students have given me ideas that I now apply regularly and have encouraged me to understand my own opinions and trust myself as a musician, which is a very monumental moment in any art career.

…And Personally:

Of my Conservatory experiences that have impacted me the most personally are the many fantastic leadership opportunities I have been given.

A great example was over the summer of 2018, I was gifted the amazing opportunity to work with peers and the PPLD Library District to create a summer program that would teach music to kids and teens.

These experiences have such large impacts on me.

Not only can I gain leadership and management knowledge, but I have been blessed to see how my music and my astounding peers can be apart of something bigger than ourselves.

It really feels tremendous to know that I have been able to have a positive impact on the community of Colorado Springs.

How Has The Conservatory Impacted Your Relationships What Role Has The Conservatory Played In Your Developing Those Relationships? (Mentors, Community, Friends)

I have made some of my closest friends at the Conservatory. Of all of my peers (past and present), I find that the environment of Conservatory students is positive and uplifting.

Other Conservatory students are happy to work alongside one another, and it is amazing to see and experience student-to-student motivation.

My friendships that have come out of the Conservatory will be lifelong, and I am so overjoyed to have made those connections. The friendships I have made at the Conservatory have given me confidence to continue pursuing what I love, and have motivated me to try new things and expand my overall abilities as a musician.

As for mentorships, I truly believe that the Conservatory has some of the best mentors available in Colorado Springs.

I say this because my mentors are positive, optimistic, and proud of my accomplishments.

My mentors have and will play a key role in my success and growth as a student at the Conservatory.

My mentors inspire me daily to look at things differently always and to keep digging deeper into my studies.

How Do You Perceive Time And Productivity?

Since joining the Conservatory in 2011, my views on time management and efficiency have changed drastically.

Having joined the Conservatory at age 9, I was not too focused on managing my time and balancing all of my activities equally.

Now that I am in high school, and actively involved in many school activities, I have learned time management and production efficiency is key in a successful project, career, and lifestyle.

Learning and understanding time management can be a very stressful and overwhelming process, and practicing it every day is how I have become so good at it.

I have learned to balance daily CSC classes and gigs, marching band, competitive tennis, and honors classes.

I have also had many friends come to me with the stress of their lives asking for advice on how to handle everything that may occur in an average teenager’s life.

I feel very grateful when I am able to share my knowledge that I’ve gained from the Conservatory with my peers and equals at school and around the community.

I am grateful because I am so immensely pleased I have learned this skill at an early point in my career.

What Role Has Being At The Conservatory Played In Your Understanding Of Time?

Though I do consider my time-management skills to be pretty well-toned for a high-schooler, I do admit I’m not a master, and I find myself slipping up constantly with each new Conservatory experience.

Each project I work on and every new musical journey I embark on I learn new things about managing time, whether it is learning how to communicate efficiently with other team members, or understanding how to work around unexpected setbacks.

What Is Your Fondest Memory Of Your Time At The Conservatory?

My fondest memory at the Conservatory would have to be my time in the drum studio.

I began playing drums in 6th grade, at 11 years old.

The world of percussion was entirely new to me, but I experienced a motivation to start after being so largely inspired and infatuated by Ringo Starr.

Stepping foot in the drum studio was an exciting and passion-filled experience, and it still is today. I am so ecstatic that I landed behind the drumset, because it really is a true passion of mine. From jazz to rock, to country, to metal, I love playing the drums. I have so many amazing memories because of drums, many of which are with my mentors and my peers.

Drumming has become a stress-relief, a driving motivation, and will always be a constant source of inspiration in my life and musical journey.

What Is The Most Important Life Lesson You Would Share With A New Student At The Conservatory Of Similar Age?

Experiencing so many new things, as well as getting used to the new juggling-of-life-events is really hard and scary. Every step of the journey is worth it, and there are so many peers and mentors around to help.

My best advice is to never be afraid to ask for help when needed at the Conservatory (but, maybe my best advice would be to say yes to everything, I think they’re tied).

From other students experiencing the exact same thing as you, to mentors that can understand and help you solve your problems, the Conservatory is a great place to hit the ground running in the arts, and I am so proud to be a Conservatory student.

Anything You Would Like To Add (Insights, Reflections, Etc)?

As I am in my senior year of high school and experiencing college auditions, I have truly realized how much the Conservatory has trained and prepared me for the future.

I feel very well prepared and ready to audition for schools that have meticulous and superfluous audition processes, and feel confident that I will make it into the music schools I am shooting for!