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First Friday

May 6, 2016 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm MDT

An opportunity for all of our talented students to perform for family and friends at the CSC (no admission fee)


Betz Smisek

Featuring Local Artist – Betz Smisek


There are many ways to describe the work of an artist: style, medium, surreal, cubist, and so on, but when asked to describe the artist, Betz, and her style of work, I was astonished. I had no direct answer or comeback. It literally took me a couple of months before I came up with and coined the phrase, “Relational Art.” Very appropriate, it turned out.

Just what is “Relational Art”? Let me share with you my opinion of Betz, her style, her work and most of all, her “Relational Art.”

“I’ve seen her paint. Nothing but feeling. Nothing but emotions.” Her style? Pure Betz du jour. Each emotion as if a brush and color of its own, if you will, just waiting to engage with the observer. Then, leading to the immersion of the observer, who unknowingly finds themselves mesmerized, enchanted, as if meeting a person and slowly falling in love, they become alive together. The observer becomes one with the painting, not knowing why. Just because.

The subtle colors are bold. The bold colors are subtle. Each independent of the other, but each supporting the other like threads in a tapestry. Woven skillfully. Woven masterfully. Producing a work, like a lover, one must possess.

Words too are like the brush and color used to paint the description of “her” work, but lacking exactitude. Pictures are but a glimpse through a keyhole. See for yourself. Let your own feelings open the door and like walking into a room full of people, you will be drawn into conversation with some, feel their energy and perhaps fall in love.

W.S. The Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery

  • She has her degree in Psychology
  • Did commission works in stained glass design in New York
  • Betz’ work has hung in private and public showings in Carmel, Jackson Hole, Santa Fe, New York, Denver, and Colorado Springs
  • Collectors include corporate as well as private individuals
  • She is the “Art in Residence” for the private Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery
  • She has been the featured artist at holiday shows at the Pikes Peak Performing Arts Center
  • Her art and photography has been used in lines of greeting cards
  • Studied encaustics, a medium using melted bee’s wax, in New York
  • She has been an art instructor at Bemis School of Art in Colorado Springs


May 6, 2016
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm MDT
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