A Positive Note


Founded in 2012 by guitarist and traumatic brain injury survivor Jorden Smith, A Positive Note (APN) has brought newfound liberation to hundreds of youth and adults with special needs, including traumatic brain injuries, Down syndrome, and autism.

Students are encouraged to sing, move, dance, and explore music and theater in an accessible and joyful way. APN remains the only community music program in the Pikes Peak region for this population of inspirational students.

The foundation of APN is Recreational Music Making (RMM), which refers to playing musical instruments alone or in a group without the pressure of mastery or performance. The experience of making music is the only objective.

Typically, when the expectation of mastery is removed, students are empowered to sense music and movement more viscerally. They frequently gain the confidence and enthusiasm to share their music with others, often desiring to perform publicly.

Semester Tuition of $68.00 per month (4 payments)

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