Simple Gifts Series on RMPBS

The Simple Gift Series is a humanities-based, early childhood program that combines literacy, music, movement and language. These thirteen episodes are a response to issues of access to quality learning and social emotional standards during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine, particularly for children ages birth to seven years.

Simple Gift Series is produced by a creative team in Colorado Springs using the original curriculum of the Colorado Springs Conservatory (CSC) and working alongside Founding CEO Linda Weise.

This partnership was created out of the presence of RMPBS’ Colorado Springs Regional Innovation Center and its connection with amazing community partners like the Colorado Springs Conservatory. When Carrie McKee, VP of Statewide Innovation Centers at RMPBS, and Linda Weise met to discuss opportunities in working together, the idea of creating full-blown programming came to mind and eventually became a reality.

With existing support for the Colorado Springs Conservatory from Ent Credit Union, Children’s Hospital of Colorado-Colorado Springs, and Community Partnership for Childhood Development/ Head Start, a creative team of CSC alumni – Drew Fountain, Tripp Fountain, Christina Wells, and Roan Perschke – along with Linette Weise and Linda Weise, produced these charming episodes featuring fun-filled lessons,  interesting characters, informative “Curiosity Corners” and musical sing-alongs;  many of  which are part of the award-winning early childhood programming at the Colorado Springs Conservatory.