Classes are on Tuesdays

Come on an immersive journey of music, learning, and play!

You and your child, with the Conservatory’s own early childhood curriculum: The PICCOLO Music and Early Literacy Program.

This program was created in tandem with all of the nationally recognized and award-winning elements of the 26-year-old CORE program.

The PICCOLO Program provides a special emphasis on the importance and naturally occurring development of music and early literacy.

The PICCOLO Program uses research-based evidence to support and enhance the rapid brain development occurring during these early stages of child maturation.

All elements of this early childhood program are the very components of the CORE program.

PICCOLO students are well equipped to continue through the CSC programming with a strong base knowledge and experience in all the elements listed below.

All elements of music, learning, and play come together to spell F-U-N in each 6-week session of the curriculum to include age-appropriate learning experiences for both caretaker and child:

  • Bonding
  • Listening
  • Rhythm
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Solfege and other age-appropriate elements of musicianship: pitch, scale learning, aural recall, note, and rhythm identification
  • Storybooks
  • Ukulele learning by caretaker/parents in the classroom to continue to have fun with music at home.
  • Specific age-appropriate developmental activities in the areas of language, motor, cognitive and social/emotional skills.
  • Take home story and songbooks for at home continued activities and bonding
  • Unique transition songs that child and family can use at home; ‘Mighty Tidy Clean Up Crew’, ‘What’s Next?’ and others.
  • Building community and a love of music forever!

We are pleased to bring this unique and robust curriculum to those who are seeking a program that not only enhances the child’s life and access to all things creative but allows the experience to expand to the greater family as well.

Encourage your friends near and far to come along

Additional story and song books can be purchased here.

Recommended Ukulele

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A Few Words From Our Friends At Ent

“The incredible team at Ent Credit Union – including our board members – is made up of purposeful and passionate advocates. Our mission is to not only help our members live better financial lives, but to also help strengthen our communities. Programs like CSC’s PICCOLO program are examples of how we partner to live our mission,” said Mollie Bell, Ent’s Chief Development Officer.

Matt Gendron, Ent’s Chief Engagement Officer, added, “During 2019, we took a hard look at how we can create even more impact by focusing our philanthropic efforts on a few areas. Helping communities by helping improve the health and wellbeing of children was a no-brainer. Our support of Linda Weise’s program coincides strategically with a long-term partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado and their pediatric mental health initiatives. We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Colorado Springs Conservatory’s continued efforts to make a positive impact with young children.”