Programs Overview

Spring 2021

During these extraordinary times of COVID related issues and concerns, the Colorado Springs Conservatory leadership keep their eyes to maintaining the safety of the students, families, and extended CSC team.

We will be offering on site classes and lessons with all CDC safety precautions in place to include appropriate social distancing and maintenance of sanitizing rooms, surfaces, and instruments.

Additionally, we will continue to offer Zoom lessons and classes for those families that are not quite ready to venture out. We understand and are willing to work alongside each family to provide optimal learning and studies via this digital platform.

CSC will be expanding some of the programmings to our YouTube channel. Included in this platform will be the scheduled programming of our Early Childhood Simple Gifts Series Episodes on Rocky Mountain PBS- stay tuned for more information about those offerings.

Colorado Springs Conservatory Curriculum Partners

The Colorado Springs Conservatory has been affording stellar and award-winning learning and performance experiences to youth and community since 1994.

A Founding Royal Conservatory partner, the CSC will be aligning with the RCM program even more intentionally than ever.

Royal Conservatory- Fall 2020

the royal conservatory

Beginning in August of 2020, ALL Music Theory, Ear Training and Music History classes will be through the Royal Conservatory Program.

This will afford students the opportunity to excel at their own rate and enjoy a true ‘application’ experience in their classes.

The world-class curriculum will also afford students the ability to work virtually if they so choose.

Placement exams will be given prior to each semester enrolling and will be evaluated at the end of each year to receive formal certification from RCM.

Additionally, students who show a high level of dedication and commitment in their lessons and practice may be recommended by their private lesson mentor to audition for the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). Students who participate in the RCM program will have the opportunity to take their RCM practical exam, which takes place in May, August, and December. For more information about RCM, visit

PianoMarvel – Fall 2020

Beginning in August of 2020, all piano classes, which include Class Piano and Piano/Musicianship, will use PianoMarvel for a major portion of the curriculum.

PianoMarvel is an interactive online piano program that will be available for students to work on in class and at home using their own student account.

As a number of students participate in class remotely, this program will be a useful tool in providing quality piano curriculum online.

Click here for more information about PianoMarvel.

Spring Semester 2021 Programs

20-21 csc tuition chart