Upon enrollment, all tuitions posted in the CSC tuition structure reflect a 48% scholarship for each student.

Any student/family receiving additional scholarship is required to sign a written contract committing to full participation in the CSC program.

  • Any scholarship granted is based on merit.
  • Students will be considered for a merit scholarship after a minimum of one semester of study in a CSC program. Consideration for any scholarship is subject to the approval of the CSC Community Scholarship Council.
  • After a minimum of one semester of study, the student’s family may submit a letter requesting additional scholarship support. The letter will be reviewed by the CSC Community Scholarship Council who will select students for the interview phase.
  • Students new to CSC or students who have taken a break from their studies at CSC will not be considered for further assistance until they have completed at least one semester of studies.

Any deviation from school policy and procedures will be taken into account as funding is considered.

If a scholarship is granted, students and parents must abide by all CSC policies or run the risk of retraction of scholarship assistance.  Scholarship recipients are required to write (handwritten) ‘thank you’ notes to the CSC board of directors and to those providing the scholarship funds.

For additional information please call or email Lisa Maloy at (719) 577-4556 or csc@csconservatory.org

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