Colorado Springs Conservatory Jazz Nites  Extends Reach to Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery

Audiences have been attending Colorado Springs Conservatory (CSC) Jazz Nites for nearly two decades now. CSC artist/mentors, students and guest artists have been gracing the performance space to consistently packed houses.

January and February 2018 will mark the beginning of a unique partnership as Jazz Nites travel to the Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery on Kiowa Street in Downtown Colorado Springs.

The Gallery is home to the art of nationally renowned artist, Betz Smisek.

The partnership between Betz Smisek and her husband Wayne with the CSC is longstanding. Longtime supporters of many regional arts organizations, the Smiseks are patrons of the Conservatory have supported both scholarship efforts and programs there for nearly ten years.

When the Smiseks were approached about supporting the jazz program at the Conservatory through a sponsorship with the new radio station, 93.5 Jazz, it seemed logical that the First Friday concerts travel occasionally to the gallery.

The first at the gallery will take place on Friday, January 5. CSC mentor/artists Ian Ferguson, Wayne Wilkinson, Todd Williams and Andy Burtschi will grace the gallery with their distinct sounds from 7:30PM-9PM. Conservatory students and alumni will be sitting in with the group throughout the evening.

Tickets at $15 and available online.

The concert will follow the monthly, public First Friday Art Walk.

The Colorado Springs Conservatory Jazz Nite at the Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery

122 E. Kiowa Street

Friday, January 5 & Friday, February 2


Tickets $15

Call 719-577-4556 for more information.

The Partnership

The Gallery, the Colorado Springs Conservatory and 93.5 Jazz

The Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery

Home to the brilliant ‘Relational Art’ of Betz Smisek. Her medium include acrylic, encaustic, shard and Trojan. Her unique style evolves from pure emotional states. “Each emotion is as if a brush and color of it’s own. She imbues an energy into her work, which creates an energy field or aura, if you will, just waiting to engage with the observer, “ shares Wayne Smisek, her agent. Her art shows throughout the U.S. and graces the private homes of art connoisseurs.

The Colorado Springs Conservatory

Founded in 1994 has stayed on Mission to motivate, challenge and inspire students to their highest potential as human beings and artists through arts immersion studies and community arts advocacy. The preparatory music and theater program hosts thousands of students each year who embark in studies that include jazz, musical theater, composition, recording arts, opera, instrumental, singer songwriter and drama. Programs are available for youth as young as two months through age eighteen. Community and adult programs are also offered throughout the year. The Conservatory has been awarded both local and national awards to include the coveted “Exemplary School of Distinction” from the Arts Schools Network as well as “Milestone Achievement” from the National Guild.

Jazz 93.5

Jazz 93.5 is the exclusive full-time jazz station for Colorado Springs. Presenting a full range of jazz programming “In the Moment,” from big band and bebop to progressive and western swing, Jazz 93.5 is locally programmed and hosted by jazz musicians and experts, including Jana Lee Ross, Tony Exum, Jr., Mike Van Arsdale, Audrey Bussanich, Gary Fineberg, and Dave Hastings, from the Pennica Financial Group Studio. Jazz 93.5 is a listener-supported, not-for-profit, public radio station under the auspices of Cheyenne Mountain Public Broadcast House, Inc., parent company of Classical KCME. Live streaming and more information can be found at

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