Change Lives Through Giving: Getting To Know Us

Behind each performance, behind each musical score or theatrical production, lives a young person striving to fit in, discovering life’s gifts and challenges. We invite you to meet six of these amazing students and consider a gift to the Colorado Springs Conservatory.

ASPYN D’Liya McClain

“ I used to be shy, but now I can introduce myself at the recitals and play for the audience.”

Five-year old Aspyn McClain has her sights set on Auburn University, her Mom’s alma mater. Unusual for a first grader? Not this one. Aspyn began her experience at the Conservatory three years ago at age three, through the CPCD/Head Start program. She has since progressed into our after school CORE Novice program and is a Sachs Minority Opportunity Fund scholarship recipient. Singing, dancing, playing piano and performing at CSC is helping her to blossom socially and academically. Aspyn is on the honor roll at school and destined to do the same in life.

BEAU Cockrell

“ The Conservatory has helped me become more secure in myself…less of a loner or target for bullies.”

Beau is 14 years old and a vibrant member of the Conservatory’s after school Senior Company, a track created for those pursuing higher education and careers in the arts. In addition to his theater, piano, voice, composition and theory classes, he explains that his listening, time management, teamwork and studying skills have helped him in school. Beau’s most memorable experience was participating in our nationally acclaimed summer Performing Arts Intensive, presented in cooperation with Central City Opera. “I made great friends. I got a glimpse into the real world of performing and the discipline needed to be successful.” Watch out Broadway. Here comes another CSC alum!

VAYDA Escobar

“ My teachers are great. ‘Uncle’ Thomas (Dawson) works with Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. We learn how to work out our differences, and that it’s often best to meet in the middle.”

A seventh grader at Panorama Middle School, 12-year old Vayda is learning the value of collaboration and other life skills at a young age. She attends CSC as part of our daytime enrichment Partner Program with Harrison School District 2. Over 800 students will participate in the program this school year. Vayda is studying vocals and recording arts using state-of-the-art recording equipment and software; and most of all, her imagination. Vayda aspires to become a performer or an orthodontist. No doubt, at this rate she will become both.


“ The Conservatory prepared me for the real world in ways I did not expect. I learned to set my goals high and what it takes to reach them.”

Jeremiah first studied at the Conservatory as part of our Partner Program with Harrison School District 2. He progressed into the CORE after school music program on scholarship where he developed a passion for the bass. His unmistakable sound could be heard at our popular Jazz Nites, which feature our world-renowned Faculty Jazz Ensemble and our talented students. Bass in hand, Jeremiah is now studying at the Colorado School of Mines with a double major in Engineering Physics and Mechanical Engineering.

JOSH Franklin

“ My advice to other young people going into the arts is be the best version of yourself everyday. Push yourself to your limits and you’ll be surprised what comes your way.”

Alumnus Josh Franklin epitomizes the preparatory training available at CSC for students wishing to pursue a career in the arts. He is best known for his roles on Broadway in Anything Goes, Ghost, Legally Blonde and Grease. Josh received his B.F.A. from Webster Conservatory and is also an accomplished songwriter, musician and recording artist.

“The diligence and work ethic I learned at CSC has been crucial to my success, and the reason I am fortunate to have directors rehire me consistently.”


“ Parents are encouraged to attend A Positive Note (APN) classes and many tears of joy are shed as we witness our children participating in these amazing musical achievements.” — Jim Cara, Kelsey’s Dad

Since graduating from Rampart High School where she played in the school band, Kelsey’s musical endeavors were limited to singing along with Justin Bieber or staging impromptu concerts in her bedroom. Then she enrolled in APN, the Conservatory’s music making program for young adults with disabilities. Kelsey, now 25, has Down Syndrome, and through APN she is able to express through music, some of the things she cannot express in words. In Kelsey’s life, this is definitely A POSITIVE NOTE.

The Impact of Your Gift

While the Colorado Springs Conservatory is nationally recognized for our performing arts enrichment opportunities, our studies go way beyond…we educate students for life. The Conservatory…

  • Develops creative, focused leaders who contribute to our society and strive for excellence in all fields of endeavor
  • Teaches social and career-building skills important throughout life
  • Provides Partner Programs with Harrison School District 2 and CPCD/Head Start to serve at-risk students
  • Improves academic performance
  • Cultivates civic responsibility through 300 community outreach performances each year
  • A Positive Note provides music-making experiences for young adults with disabilities
  • Provides a safe, productive and inclusive environment fostering positive peer influenc

Things to Boast About

Enrollment is at an all-time record high

100% of the students who participate in our CORE afterschool program attend institutions of higher learning; 95% with significant scholarships

Through community giving, the Conservatory subsidizes almost $250,000 annually in scholarships to deserving students ages 3 through 19

Hundreds if Harrison School District 2 students have participated in our Partner Program

Data to date shows that 95% of Harrison students from middle school through 12th grade (who attend the Conservatory?) graduate from high school

Nearly 100% of Conservatory alumni are employed in their chosen fields around the world

35% of the Conservatory team and mentors are alumni

The Conservatory has received international recognition as a Royal Conservatory Founding School, and Arts Schools Network Exemplary School

Invest in me and watch your
investment grow

For 21 years, investors like you have helped students like Jayden mature into exemplary young professionals in all fields of endeavor. With your support, we have graduated thousands of alumni, who live, work and contribute to our community and beyond. Today, we ask you to consider a gift to our Legacy Scholarship Fund to help ensure that we can welcome all students who wish to attend The Colorado Springs Conservatory.

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