Student Expectations

Program specific repertoire and study goals will be given to students by their classroom and private instructors. Students enrolled in any CSC program will be required to abide by expectations both in classroom studies and in private lessons. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the CSC program.

General Expectations for CSC students:

  • Students will arrive promptly to all classes, lessons & rehearsals
  • Students will come to all lessons and classes prepared; assignments complete & materials in hand
  • Students will attend classes and lessons regularly
  • Students agree to diligent personal practice as outlined by class and private lesson instructors. After two notes from an instructor stating that a student is not upholding his/her responsibility to practice or that a student is not prepared, parents will be notified and a parent conference will be scheduled within 48 hours.
  • Students will conduct themselves appropriately at all times with respect for themselves and others
  • Students will perform in one in-­‐house recital/performance each semester
  • Students will perform in at least one outreach recital/performance each semester

COMPANY Program Auditions

Admittance into CSC’s COMPANY program is by audition only. Audition requirements and COMPANY information is available upon request through the CSC front office. Once a student has been admitted to a COMPANY program, subsequent semester enrollment will be contingent upon semester evaluations and a year-­‐end jury.

Suggested Supply List for CSC students:

  • Books, plays, etc. as assigned by instructors per program requirements
  • 3-­‐ring binder with dividers
  • 8 1/2 x 11 manuscript paper
  • Personal memory stick (1-­‐3G) solely used for obtaining digital music
  • Additional supplies may be required for course work(i.e.: dance shoes)
  • Comfortable clothing that you can move in

CSC Dress Code

Individual style and statements are encouraged at the Conservatory; however, clothing and accessories must be tasteful and appropriate for classes, lessons and rehearsals. Inappropriate attire is a distraction and sets a poor example for the younger CSC students.

Performance Black Clothes are required for all in-­‐house and outreach recitals and performances

  • Girls: Black skirt & top or dress with a tasteful and appropriate hemline and black dress shoes -­‐ no open toe shoes or stiletto heels
  • Boys: Black slacks, black or white dress shirt (tie optional) or nice sweater with black dress shoes (no black sneakers or jeans)
  • Additional performance wear/costumes as needed
  • We ask that all hair be well-­‐groomed. Girls should pull their hair back.
  • All students are responsible for bringing their music (instrument if applicable) to all outreaches and recitals

Any deviation from this dress code may result in student dismissal from a performance.

A Few Important Policies


In the event of inclement weather overnight or in the early morning hours, students and parents should call the CSC front office at 719-­‐577-­‐4556 after 6:30 a.m. on the day of classes to determine closure or cancellation of sessions. As CSC serves youth from an 80-­‐mile radius on a weekly basis, we do not follow any one school district’s closure policy. If inclement weather occurs after 12 noon, an email will be sent to all CSC families by 2 p.m. Students may call the front office after 2p.m. to find out if after-­‐school programs are cancelled. In the event of class cancellation due to weather, NO MAKE UP SESSIONS for private lessons or classes will be scheduled. CSC reserves the right to early dismissal if inclement weather occurs during after-­‐school programming. This is done to ensure student safety. There are NO MAKE UP SESSIONS for these occasions.

Private Lessons

CSC CORE programs for students in 3rd-­‐12th grade include a private lesson in a chosen primary focus of study. The Executive Director will make every effort to place students with the private instructor that will best suit the student’s individual needs.

Students enrolled at the CSC cannot be concurrently studying the same instrument or discipline at another institution, or with an off-­‐site private instructor, without the prior approval of the Executive Director of the CSC. ALL CSC private lessons MUST take place on-­‐site at CSC. All scheduling, cancelling and rescheduling of private lessons is to be done directly through the CSC front office. CSC instructors will not directly contact CSC students or families.

It is the responsibility of the parent and/or student to notify the Conservatory Executive Director of any problems that arise regarding relations with a private instructor. Likewise, the Executive Director will be notified by the CSC faculty of similar concerns. Any and all studio changes will occur only with the approval of the Executive Director.

Missed Private Lessons and Classes

Upon enrollment in a CSC CORE program, a student’s private lesson time is secured for the duration of the school year. Tuition for CSC programs is paid for each program in its entirety and includes performances, recitals, rehearsals, coachings, guest artists, master classes, program classes and lessons. Private lessons missed by the student for any reason will not be refunded or rescheduled. Private lessons missed by the student because of religious observance, contagious illness or emergency may be made up only in the event of an opening in the instructor’s schedule. However, there is no guarantee of make-­‐ups for student absences as our instructors’ schedules tend to be full. If the instructor must cancel a lesson, a make-­‐up lesson will be offered based on the instructor’s availability. If the student then misses the make-­‐up lesson, a second make-­‐up lesson will not be arranged. CSC classes missed by the student cannot be made-­‐ up and tuitions will not be refunded.

Withdrawal from CSC

A students place is secured for the entire CSC school year upon enrollment in any program. Tuition for CSC programs is paid for the program in its entirety. The student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for the student’s tuition from the date of enrollment through the entire school year. CSC agrees to release the parent(s)/guardian(s) from this agreement if the student is withdrawn from the Conservatory for any one of the following reasons:

  • Move from the area
  • Physician’s advice
  • Determination by CSC personnel and mentors that the Conservatory experience is unsuitable for the student.

Should the student be withdrawn for any of the above stated reasons, any unused portion of the tuition is refundable at the time of withdrawal. Except for reasons stated above, parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for the full year’s tuition. If a student has received a scholarship for CSC studies and withdraws for any reason other than those listed above, the student forfeits that scholarship and the parent(s)/guardian(s) is responsible for the payment of the original tuition amount.

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