Are parents or guests allowed to observe classes or rehearsals?

In order to create a haven for student creativity in an environment in which the students feel safe, we ask that parents and guests respect our ‘invitation only’ policy for class and rehearsal observation.

Why do rehearsal schedules change, and how do I make sure I have the most recent rehearsal schedule?

Sometimes circumstances beyond our control or rehearsal needs that arise during the production period force us to change, cancel or add rehearsals. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and your family, and we understand if a previous commitment prevents you from attending a rehearsal that has been added or changed. To stay apprised of changing rehearsal schedules, please check your email and voicemail for messages from the Conservatory and have your child check the bulletin board in the student lounge. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the CSC front office.

Why does CSC do Musicals and Performance Projects throughout the year when students can get that type of experience from school?

It has always been a priority to create and afford the CSC students opportunities above and beyond those offered in school. The level of learning, professionalism, and expectation that the students in a CSC production experience is unparalleled. From our young Novice students to alumni, from faculty to guest professionals, the interpersonal relationships and role modeling provides an incredible unspoken learning process. We are also dedicated to contributing to the optimal college resume and though many applicants have musicals listed on their applications, most do not have the caliber of partners or professionals that set our students apart. Among these are Billie McBride (most recently cited as a “Broadway Icon” in the Denver Post), Jamie Richards (Director Ensemble Studio Theater, NYC), Thomas Wilson (conductor Colorado Springs Philharmonic & Chamber Orchestra of the Springs and Central City Opera.

Do parents have to purchase tickets for CSC performances in which their children are participating?

Yes. We encourage you to support your child! We do our best to maintain affordable ticket prices through sponsorships and donors. We also encourage you to actively sell tickets though there is no mandated requirement. CSC does not require “performance fees” as do many other youth arts organizations. Nor do we ask you to buy fancy costumes that may be worn only once. We strongly believe that it is about the learning process and the opportunity for students to share their work with you and the community that truly has a vested interest in their success.

Is there anything parents can do to help?


  • Attend performances
  • Recruit like-­‐minded students and families
  • Volunteer to help at performances, receptions and other events throughout the year
  • Consider sponsorship of CSC events or performances by your company

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