Ent Credit Union Members Are Recognized at CSC For Their Generous Donation to Conservatory Capital Campaign

“It’s been a long and passionate journey to secure this beautiful building in downtown Colorado and Barb Winter and the team from Ent have been supporters for just about the entire time,” said Linda Weise, Founding CEO of the CSC.

Present for the room dedication held on Thursday, October 26 from Ent in addition to Ms. Winter were Chad Graves, Matt Gendron, Rich Scholes, Wayne Paton, Bill Vogeney, Jon Paukovich, Clint Schneider, Travis Dodge, Sharie Flanagan, Liz Finn, Tanan Miles and Brian Rowedder.

Ent Board members Bill Aven and Debbie Chandler were also there to share in the celebration.

Ent donated $35,000 toward the purchase of the facility where CSC now resides.

Nicola Sapp, former CSC Board member and El Paso County Deputy Administrator welcomed guests prior to a full out concert presented by CSC students, mentors and alumni.

All toasted to continued success for CSC and the community with champagne and cake!