A Place To Call Home

The Conservatory has been “home” to countless young people. A home where you can be yourself without being judged. A home that provides trusted adult guidance and character-building. A home with “siblings” who share your ups and downs.

  • A place where walls do not confine or redefine
  • A safe haven for positive peer interaction and the chance to build lasting friendships

Memories from Alumni

Our alumni blend the inherent discipline of their studies and the personal character traits they have developed to embark on careers that include medicine, engineering, law, history, literature and education. We celebrate numerous alumni that have gone on to professional arts careers including national touring companies, Broadway, New York City Opera, international opera houses and arts organizations.

Jacob Eichengreen – I joined the conservatory when I was 12. My best friend asked me to learn to play guitar so we could be in a band together. I thought I was signing up for music lessons; that perhaps I’d be spending a couple hours each week practicing by myself and another hour or two rehearsing with the band. What I found, though, was an opportunity to immerse myself in the art of leadership. The conservatory engaged me at every level. It presented me with challenges that allowed me to discover what I was truly capable of. Music was the vehicle, and I thrived with a guitar in my hand. So many of the lessons – and so much of the work – extended beyond music. I learned how to present myself publicly, how to perform and engage an audience even when I wasn’t fully practiced, how to receive feedback and incorporate it into my work. I had opportunities to meet community dignitaries and participate in conversations that few teenagers can access. And I’ve carried these lessons with me well past graduation. When I come across a tight deadline or a problem I’ve never seen before, I think back to my conservatory days, channel the sense that the conservatory imbued that everything is possible when you put enough effort into it, hum Seasons of Love, and get to work.

Katie Medved graduated from Fordham University with a BA in theater performance and minor in environmental policy. In addition to acting, she sound designed and staged managed.

Most memorable Conservatory moment: Going into Linda’s office those nights (every night) at 9 when classes were over and knowing I should get home to do the piles of homework I had, but instead staying until 10 my other Conservatory “siblings”, teaching Linda hip lingo, or talking about Baroque music, with Linda’s composer finger-puppets contributing all the while and Shantell, holding baby Madalin telling us to get out already. There is nothing I cherish more than that laughter.

Biggest crash and burn:  My first ever jury (remember those?) when I had to sing “The Girl I Mean to Be.” I’m pretty sure I had no idea what a jury was, so when I walked into the center room, gave my music to Linda, and turned around to sing to three scary people I did not know, I forgot how to breath, how to speak, and especially how to sing. She played maybe 3 measures before I burst into tears…

Best conservatory life lesson: Always thank people, anything is possible if you say it is, there is always a solution to a problem – you just have to get creative about it, big hairy mistakes are better than staying quiet, make sure to laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously, and of course DDD.

Most poignant moment at Conservatory: My work with Birgitta, Julie, and Zoe on The Effect of Gamma-Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds.  Also, the time I performed a piano piece for studio class and got through the whole thing without messing up once.

Song I hope to never sing again: “Wouldn’t It Be Lovely” from My Fair Lady

Advice for CSC students:  Clean the lounge and practice. Take advantage of every moment while you are there; such a family is hard to come by.

Advice for kids thinking about studying at CSC: Do it!

David Siegel graduated from the Manhattan School of Music. He returned to the Colorado Springs community as an El Pomar Fellow and is currently the executive director of the Bee Vradenburg Foundation. David enjoys playing violin with the critically-acclaimed gypsy jazz band “Mango fan Django” and country/bluegrass band “Grass It Up.”

Most memorable moment: Playing a set with the CSC Jazz Combo and Earl Klugh at one of his concerts.

Biggest Crash and Burn: “Thief!”

Best Conservatory Life Lesson: Why yes, I could be at that gig in in 8 minutes. DDD. Oriental themed Christmas carols? Sounds like fun.  Glad I always carry performance black…

Most poignant moment: Packing up the last load at 1430 N Hancock. Made me realize what an incredible a home The Conservatory has been for me.

Song I sang at CSC that I hope never to sing again!: JRB Christmas Lullaby…don’t kill me Linda. It’s just always a let down after Menotti.

Advice for CSC students: Yes’ is your friend, ‘no’ is not.

Advice for kids thinking about studying at the conservatory: It’s true, Linda very well might be a blood thirsty alien but it’s ok, be she doesn’t bite most of the time. No but seriously, do it. It will prepare you for life in (or out of) the performing arts in ways that you can’t find anywhere else.

Tripp Fountain grew up in Monument, Colorado. He studied drama at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He made his Broadway debut in Hair at the St. James Theatre and performed on the national tours of Evita, Cats, and Hair. Tripp often returns to direct Conservatory productions including Oklahoma!.

Most memorable moment: Second Sundays!!!   Especially “Bohemian Rhapsody” interpretive dance with Lindzey Martucci, singing “I Can Go The Distance” for Mother’s Day, and the Nisá Show!

Biggest Crash and Burn: Singing “King Of The World” in the park in Manitou…  Yeah, I didn’t sing that one for a loooooong time after that…

Best Conservatory Life Lesson: DDD.

Most poignant moment: Every year of people leaving for college.  (Getting to see them when they came back to visit helped.)

Song I sang at CSC that I hope never to sing again!: “Where Is Love?”  –  Last sung at a Second Sunday circa 2000.

Advice for CSC students: Acknowledge that you have a million things to do, and acknowledge that they all have to get done.  Then do them all as well as you can.

Advice for kids thinking about studying at The Conservatory: Consider if you want the arts to be a part of your life.  If so, go to CSC.

Academic and Personal Achievement

  • Records show that youth engaged in the CSC curriculum and environment
  • Attain and maintain higher GPA’s
  • Become role models and leaders in everyday social situations
  • 100% of the students who participate in our CORE after school program attend colleges, universities and conservatories of their choice; most with significant scholarships.

A Few of Our Accomplished Alumni

Ian Ferguson
Graduated CSC in 2001
Attended CSC from 1998-2001
Lead Music Mentor at the Conservatory, and adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music. Performs regionally as a jazz pianist, vocalist and trumpet player and has released 4 CDS.

Josh Franklin
Graduated CSC in 1999
Attended CSC for 4 years
Starred on Broadway in the Tony Award winning Anything Goes, Jersey Boys, Ghost, Grease and Legally Blonde. Singer-songwriter with his 2nd album currently in production.

Nisa Ari
Graduated CSC in 2004
Attended CSC for 9 years
Getting her PhD at MIT in Art History. Formerly, Associate Director at The Elizabeth Foundation For the Arts in NYC

Jacob Eichengreen
Graduated CSC in 2009
Attended CSC for 6 years
Fulbright Scholar in Uganda researching & piloting an alternate micro finance bank. Currently the ED for the Quad Center in Colorado Springs.

David Siegel
Executive Director of the Bee Vradenburg Foundation in Colorado Springs. Accomplished in all genres of violin. Currently plays with the critically-acclaimed gypsy jazz band “Mango fan Django” and country/bluegrass band “Grass It Up.”

Tripp Fountain
Graduated CSC in 2004
Attended CSC for 6 years
Made his Broadway debut in the revival of Hair. National tours with Evita, Cats, and Hair. Currently resides in New York and is working regionally.

Kristen Bray
Attended CSC for 4 years and was also a mentor at CSC
International mezzo soprano
Currently works for for Citi Opera in Melbourne singing the role of Cenerentola in La Cenerentola. Will be touring with Opera Australia in their new production of The Marriage of Figaro. Major accomplishments include an International solo career and making my New York City Opera debut under the direction of the late Julius Rudel in Cosí fan Tutte.

Graduated 1998 attended Oberlin Conservatory and Vocal Academy in Philadelphia. Currently performing opera internationally.

Drew Fountain
Company member of River North Dance Chicago. Toured internationally with New York’s MOMIX Dan Theatre.

Mim Ari
Graduated CSC in 2001
Attended CSC for 6 years
Physician for Denver Health doing primary care internal medicine for an underserved population.

Kimberly Anne Stattman
CSC alumni 2015 now attending New England Conservatory as a composition major.

Matt MacMahan
Graduated 2002 attended Oklahoma City University for Musical Theater.  Appears consistently on Broadway

Stephen Ochsner
Graduated 2003 attended Oklahoma City University for Theater.  Currently employed full time in Russia as an actor.

Zoe Dostal
After working several years in Europe, she is currently pursuing her doctorate at Columbia University.

Rebecca Siegel
Graduated 2004 attended Stanford.  Currently working in the political arena.

Devin Malloy
Graduated 2004 attended UNC Greeley.  Recently completed a Masters in percussion in Spain with Berklee College of Music.

Ian Ferguson, Ben Bubeck, Mark Autry, Christina Wells, David Musante, Adelia Adam – CSC alumni currently employed at Colorado Springs Conservatory.