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JACK, a moral musical tale
By Josh Franklin and Linda Weise

“JACK, a moral musical tale” is back!

Premiered last June 2017, the Colorado Springs Conservatory (CSC) team is bringing this original production back with revisions and additions to the story and music.

Josh Franklin, CSC alumni and Broadway veteran has teamed up with Linda Weise, original composer and librettist and CSC Founding, CEO to bring Jack to a ‘whole new level’.

“I am thrilled with what Josh has done to the original piece. His incredible songwriting abilities have really elevated the score and flow of the story. Not to mention that I am simply humbled to work alongside him in bringing this story to life yet again, even better and with more great characters” says Linda Weise.

“Jack is going to be an awesome opportunity. An NYC based creative team are joined by three Broadway stars for this production. Will be absolutely thrilling to present this piece at the brand new ENT Center! The show was created as an anti-bullying platform and has expanded into something so special. It follows Jack, a young bully, who we find out is acting out because if some dysfunction in his family life. In a dream he is visited by the ‘Jacks’ from the tales we all know – Jack Horner, Jack Sprat, Jack be Nimble, Jack & Jill, Jack Frost, and of course a beanstalk with a Giant. It’s a coming of age story with a fairytale twist!” says Josh Franklin, co- writer and Director.

Tickets and Information

Thursday, June 21 at 7 PM
Friday, June 22 at 7 PM
Saturday, June 23 at 7 PM

At the ENT Center for Performing Arts
UCCS Campus North Nevada
Colorado Springs, CO

Adults $25
Children 18 and under $15

Call 719-577-4556 for more information

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Creative, Production, Cast, and Guest Artists

Book and Music by:
Josh Franklin & Linda Weise

Director: Josh Franklin
Choreographer: John Wolfe
Production Design: C.C. Wells
Visuals: Geordy Van Es
Stage Manager: C.C. Wells
Assistant Stage Manager: Sophia Stanton
Student Dancers from Ballet Society of Colorado Springs

An exciting group of CSC student, alumni, and mentors are joined by three Broadway favorites; Moya Angela, Brian Sears and Abbie Mueller.

Josh Franklin

josh franklin jack

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Linda Weise

linda weise jack

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John Wolfe

john wolfe jack

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C.C. Wells

cc wells jack

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Geordy van Es

Geordy van Es jack

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Moya Angela

Moya Angela jack

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Brian Sears

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Abbie Mueller

abby mueller jack

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Be a part of the excitement that is “ Jack, a moral musical tale”.

Jack, a ten year old bully at school is taken on a journey through a dream that includes some of literature’s most famous ‘Jacks’ ; Jack be Nimble, Jack Sprat, Jack Horner and many others.

Our contemporary Jack comes to realize that life choices determines ones successes or otherwise.

An original concept, score and book by Linda Weise and Josh Franklin, this musical tale is timely and relevant piece that is great for audience of all ages.

The cast and creative team includes Broadway Veterans and guest artists, Moya Angela, Brian Sears, Abbie Mueller as well as CSC alumnus, Josh Franklin

Over 60 students, alumni and mentors will participate in this production on creative team, on stage, backstage and in the band.

Sign on now to be part of something that is intrinsically unique to Colorado Springs!

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