Dear Friends,

This is it! We’re in the final days of our capital campaign and can see the finish line from here but need your help to get us there! This incredible building in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs can be our permanent home with just a few more gifts from generous individuals such as yourself.

Since its inception in 1994, thousands of students have attended The Colorado Springs Conservatory, with countless aspiring young people achieving career paths as Tony Award winning performers, international opera singers, as well as doctors, scientists, engineers and more; each instilled with the discipline and increased self-confidence that has forged them into the successful leaders they are today. Of note, 100% of students participating in our CORE after-school program attend the colleges, universities and conservatories of their choice – 95% receiving scholarships.

Located in an emerging sector of downtown Colorado Springs, our new 18,000 square-foot space holds great promise both economically and culturally for our city, region and state – but more importantly for our children. This year alone, we will engage over 850 students – ages 3 through 18 – from all walks of life, offering safe and productive after school programming and daytime arts enrichment for local schools.

It is with the aforementioned in mind that we ask you to consider a gift or pledge (one time or multi-year) to help ensure a sustainable home for our young people for generations to come.

For your convenience, I have enclosed a pledge form; however please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally or to Denise Schall with any questions you might have or to learn how your contribution may qualify for a 25% El Paso County Enterprise Zone Tax Credit. Thank you for your time, trust, support and friendship! Sincerely, Linda L Weise Founding CEO, Colorado Springs Conservatory.


Linda L Weise

Founding CEO, Colorado Springs Conservatory

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Thank you for supporting this important next-step in the life of The Conservatory which will allow so many more students to experience all we have to offer.

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Donate Today

Video Production: Kelsy Wells Choreography: Scott and Madalin Autry Actors: Janae Hansen, Carelyn Mayberry, Hazel Stoffel, Zeke Magri, Emma Lee

The Conservatory Garden Song PDF

The Garden Song…….”The old woman and the shoe”

By: Linda Weise

Performed by Linda Weise, Thomas Dawson, David Siegel, Shreya Prashant, Madalin Autry, Sophie Logdson, Adrian Stark

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
She had so many children she didn’t know what to do.
So she got a bigger shoe-
One with a garden and a view……and she was happy.

She dug her heels down and she took those kids to town
Where they’d sing, dance and laugh with their friends.
The old woman pleads – don’t forget about the garden and the seeds
Hurry home and give them water

There’s a magic garden at the base of the mountain on a tiny plot of dirt.
If you plant the seeds and give them what they need , when they grow, they’ll drive away the hurt.

The woman and the children, their friends old and new
Made the most of what they had and in the garden they grew,
Lovely flowers and fruits enough to share with me and you- and the townfolk- they were happy

The old woman worried about caring for the shoe- every day more and more children
How to feed and where to sleep, and who will tend the garden.
The old woman, she’d cry herself to sleep.

Don’t worry old woman, the children would sing each morn as they toiled in the garden
We will sow the seeds and sing to the sun and take our fruits from the garden to our friends

There’s a magic garden at the base of the mountain on a tiny plot of dirt.
If you plant the seeds and give them what they need , when they grow, they’ll drive away the hurt.

Oh There’s dragonflies, bluebirds and flowers as big as the sun
Oh there’s nothing that won’t grow there once you’ve begun.

The years went by the woman got slow, but the children tended to the garden
Every child that came to live learned to sing and dance and loved to toil in the garden

The old woman lay still takin her last breath and the Children, they came in from the garden
They said, you planted the seeds and you gave them what they need , now we’re grown, we’ll drive away the hurt.

So rest easy woman, we’ve share all the seeds and no doubt they’ll grow where they’re planted
Rest eternally knowing that you were indeed, the keeper of the garden

There’s a magic garden at the base of the mountain on a tiny plot of dirt.
If you plant the seeds and give them what they need , when they grow, they’ll drive away the hurt.

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Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Mike Jorgensen, Chair — President and Partner, Red Noland Auto Group
  • Stephannie Finley, Vice Chair — Executive Director of University Advocacy and Partnerships, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS)
  • George Garro, Treasurer  — Senior Vice President, Branch Manager, Raymond James & Associates
  • Sherri Newell Wilkinson, Secretary – Chief Strategy and External Affairs Officer, Colorado Springs Utilities

Directors At Large

  • C.J. Moore  — Public Affairs Director for Southern Colorado, Kaiser Permanente
  • Donna Nelson  — Economic Vitality Specialist, City of Colorado Springs
  • Nicola Sapp — El Paso County Budget Officer
  • Michelle Talarico  — Co-Owner and Director of Sales for Picnic Basket Catering, Cravings Five Star Events and Buffalo Gals Grilling Company.
  • Linda Weise  — Founding CEO, Colorado Springs Conservatory

Capital Campaign

  • Katherine Loo – Nonprofit consultant, philanthropist and fundraiser
  • Vicki Dimond – Editor/Associate Publisher, Colorado Springs Style magazine
  • Jim Johnson – President and CEO, GE Johnson Construction
  • Kevin O’Neil – Principal, The O’Neil Group Company

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