School Partner Programs

The Colorado Springs Conservatory PARTNER Programs (CSCPP)  provide students from community school districts and civic organizations the opportunity to enhance their academic, social and creative development through an innovative arts and humanities immersion curriculum. Over 400 students from preschool through high school age will be served this year.

  • Unprecedented private/public collaborations that are breaking new ground for the benefit of students and families
  • Incorporated into the  school day, creating a cross-curricular component in a learning environment that excites and motivates the students
  • An environment that instills the value of inclusion and develops a strong sense of worth and confidence
  •  A culture that embraces diversity providing a life changing, safe-haven of acceptance and encouragement
  •  Gives direction and purpose to students who might otherwise never realize their own personal value and potential
  • CSCPP strive to combat the negative influences that surround the youth of today with a positive environment, a desire for achievement, strong mentorship and life-tools that improve their lives through self-sufficiency and a respect for the development of their community

Through the CSCPP, students develop stronger social, academic and creative skills that help to prepare them for success in school and life. These life skills and attributes directly impact our youth’s ability to direct their lives with confidence, which will promote their success.


Current Partner Programs:

CPCD Head Start:

These amazing youngsters, ages 3, 4, and 5 explore basic musical concepts, piano, dance, listening, and song. We light and foster their creativity through fun group activities like “draw and dance what you hear.” Using a mathematics domain to assess data in 2014, compared to the rest of CPCD preschool classrooms, the classrooms that participated in the CSC program had a higher outcome. One classroom had 89% of the children meeting or exceeding “widely held expectations” for their age, and the other classroom that participated had 83%.  The rest of CPCD preschool classrooms had 77% of children meeting or exceeding widely held expectations.

This data is based on an assessment tool called Teaching Strategies GOLD and it is an ongoing, natural assessment of children using observations (not testing).

Panorama Middle School: TuesdayFriday 1 hour per day

Panoramas 6th, 7th and 8th graders garner an education in the following, four days a week; recording arts, piano, guitar, theater and vocal ensemble. The culmination of their years’ work is a performance at Panorama Middle School in front of peers, parents and faculty.

Mountain Vista Home School Academy: Mondays from 11:00am-2:30pm

1st  grade through 12th grade students absorb arts education at the CSC in the Fall and Springs semesters in the following categories Dance, Theater, Vocal Ensemble and Piano. They have the opportunity to perform what they have learned in front of friends and family at the end of each semester.”

Pikes Peak Prep

District 49

If you are an educational partner interested in establishing a Partner Program with the Colorado Springs Conservatory please contact the COO Heather Steinman at for further information.

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Anne Bleier · January 15, 2018 at 8:30 am

I’m the owner of a small preschool. I am interested in having a music class on-site once a week.
Please give me a call.
Thank you,
Anne Bleier

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