Alayna Kendig graduated from the Colorado Springs Conservatory in 2014 with the hope to pursue a music degree at the University of Colorado Denver, but she never imagined she would be traveling the world performing in front of screaming audiences in just two short years. This success came with being one of the nine members of CU Denver’s premier award-winning a Cappella ensemble, Lark. Lark is a female ensemble that travels the country competing, headlining music festivals and performing for the most elite fundraising banquets in the state. In April, Lark won the VoiceJam competition in Arkansas and was awarded a spot in its sister competition, Vocal Asia, in Hong Kong. The ladies will be leaving mid August to spend nearly two weeks in China before returning home to start school again. Before they leave, Lark is in yet another competition for a spot as opening act on the Red Rocks stage, August 6, 2016, for FACE (another Colorado native voice band). There are two spots available and Lark needs your help to secure one of those! One spot is determined by the amount of “Buzz points” generated on social media. All you have to do is type in the following URL:, click the heart and watch the entire video. For extra Buzz points, create an Indi account and like/share the video.

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