HealthSouth is one of the nation’s largest providers of post-acute healthcare services and an industry leader in home-based patient care.  Steve Schaefer, CEO of HealthSouth Colorado Springs and Linda Weise met to discuss how both entities can support each other.  What came about was a ‘win-win’ for both organizations!

A corporate sponsorship from HealthSouth, supporting the operating costs of programming at the Conservatory would include bi-monthly recital performances.

Schaeffer is quoted as saying,  “the patients loved it.   About 10 showed up, one was dancing, and several tried to order cocktails!!!

An added benefit was it made the staff happy as they could hear the music throughout the Hospital!

Thanks so much for making it happen. I am so grateful for the added musical healing that the conservatory will bring to my patients!!!”

Conservatory alumni and mentors David Musante and Ben Bubeck lead the effort .  Students are selected to perform in one of several spaces through out the hospital .  Ben and David also present music they  themselves perform.  The programs take place on two Sunday afternoons a month.

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